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I actually believe artists and scientists think very similarly. Complex, abstract thought? They both have that down. It’s all about where that thinking takes you after that.

Words cannot describe how much I love this post.

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First gif set.

From The Angry Eye. Old link removed from YouTube. :( New, shorter version: The Angry Eye Part 1 | Part 2. Relevant transcript.

The Angry Eye can be rough to watch for some but honestly, I would recommend that everyone see it at least once. It’s really important. It’s also interesting to watch, Jane Elliot conducts the same experiment on adults and they behave very differently than the teenagers did. And not in a good way. 

Ascendent & Physical Appearance (from my personal experience)

Aries: rather masculine, nice arched eyebrows, strong jaw structure

Taurus: doe eyes, tan easily, womanly bodies, thick hair

Gemini: petite, youthful looks, long limbs, crooked smiles

Cancer: baby faces, fragile bodies, round faces and watery eyes

Leo: awesome strong hair, friendly features, one million dollar smiles

Virgo: prominent noses, sad puppy eyes, healthy body weight

Libra: feminine symmetrical faces, no prominent features, very balanced

Scorpio: reptilian eyes, nice skin, memorable / outstanding features

Sagittarius: friendly, ageless faces, strong legs

Capricorn: mature faces, nice cheekbones, compact bodies

Aquarius: long limbs, sleepy eyes, big smiles

Pisces: small eyes.. ?? anything is possible with pisces

The idol

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My dog York won’t do it for the Vine - Vine by Wellington Boyce

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Sometimes I wonder what it’d be like to turn to a life of crime. Probably the same.


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why didn’t the firemen put out the fire in the factory?

because the factory makes fires.  it’s a fire factory.  thats its job

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color palette, inspired by: my soul